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located on 55 acres southwest of London, ON

Tel: 905-717-5921

Nurture your mind, body & soul

Our residential therapy program provides a well-rounded menu of programs and approaches to help you build a tool box of coping skills and healing strategies.  We believe that a compliment of tactics involving the support of your mind, body and soul can enhance healing and improve recovery times and rates. 


Our mind nurturing therapeutic approaches include:


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When approaching your unique recovery journey, we understand the importance of a well-rounded support approach.  We look at the "whole you" and incorporate various levels of physical activity and good nutritional practices as an effective element to supporting your recovery. 

These options include:

  • weight room

  • bike trails

  • hiking trails

  • skating (in winter on the pond)

  • snowshoeing (in winter)

  • healthy and nutritious meals, 3 times a day

  • nutrition workshops

  • hands-on food skills training


At The Stable Grounds you will be exposed to a variety of opportunities where you can engage in supportive therapeutic options to enhance your healing journey.  Beyond individual, group and equine-assisted therapy methods, we offer:

  • meditation

  • yoga

  • physical activities

  • rest

  • fully equipped work shop for woodworking and building projects

  • peer support: interaction with other guests experiencing similar challenges

  • understanding and supportive staff team

  • the restorative and healing influence of nature, fresh air, acres of hiking trails and scenic vistas

  • our interior and exterior environment is structured to limit the distractions of "city life"

  • participation in growing, picking and preparing food from our community garden (seasonal)

Ready to begin your journey of recovery with us?