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There are a few steps required before a client submits their application.  Please follow these instructions in the order they are listed:

1. Before you fill out your Application Form


2. Have your doctor fill out and submit a Medical Information Form

3. To determine coverage
  • Please consult with your insurance company directly

4. For private payment option
  • Once you have consulted with your medical team regarding treatment at The Stable Grounds and your Medical Information Form has been submitted (as outlined above), clients opting for payment privately are now ready to fill out and submit their Application Form

5. Fill out and submit our Application Form
  • At this point, clients should fill out and submit their confidential Application Form and return it to us for review

  • We will review your application  form as soon as possible

6. We will contact you by phone to review your Application Form
  • After reviewing your Application form, one of our clinic staff will contact you by phone to review the details and have an informal discussion

7. Fill out and submit the "Consent to use electronic communication" Form
  • Submitting this Consent Form gives us permission to contact you through email, which is sometimes a more convenient method for our guests as we finalize the details of your schedule and arrival dates

Application Process

Ready to begin your journey of recovery with us?