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Benefits to the Residential Approach

When compared with one-hour treatment sessions a week, our residential therapy program provides comprehensive treatment that improves recovery times and rates, and includes the following benefits:


  • Cohesive, intensive time for guests to work at length through the healing journey without interruption.

  • Opportunity to engage in a variety of therapeutic options to enhance healing, including equine-assisted therapy, group and individual therapies, EMDR, DBT, CBT, meditation, physical activities, rest, and interactions with other guests, staff, and horses.

  • Ongoing emotional support.




We offer 8 - 12 week day therapy sessions.  Guests are provided with the same treatment options as our residential program, but do so during the day, without staying in our residence.

  • individual and group therapy sessions

  • scheduled activities and workshops

  • Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM

  • Lunch is provided


In addition to the benefits listed above, our ranch tailors each program individually to our guests. This allows for a unique and harmonious balance in a guests daily schedule that combines activities with down time to maximize emotional gains.


Our ranch also encourages visits with family and friends on weekends (for residential program guests)

All of our equine specialists and mental health professionals are trained and certified EAGALA equine therapists.  This allows for a team-based approach where therapist, equine specialist and the guest can work together effectively.


Benefits of our Day Therapy Session

Benefits of The Stable Grounds Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits & Frequently Asked Questions

What type of people are the “right fit” for a program at The Stable Grounds?

The type of person who will benefit from our program is willing to:

  • work collaboratively in a team

  • engage in working relationships based on mutual trust and respect

The type of person who will benefit from our program also wants to:

  • work through challenges and obstacles in a positive and holistic manner

  • improve their problem-skills

  • build confidence and self-esteem

  • improve communication skills

  • understand and apply appropriate assertiveness techniques

What are the mandatory requirements of acceptance at The Stable Grounds?

Our guests must be drug and substance free before entering our program, and not at risk for self-harm.  Our guests must be or have been a First Responder/Veteran/Military/Nurse/Correctional Officer/Probation Officer.  Please call for a full list of professions that qualify for The Stable Grounds.  

I have prescribed medications that I currently take – what is the process for guests taking medications while in treatment?

Prescribed medications will be made available and managed by our mental health professionals or program coordinator when required.

Are cell phones, laptops, computers, ipods and other electronic devices permitted on site?

Items that are able to connect to wifi or internet are not permitted.  Cell phones are not permitted, however ipods (for music) are allowed.

I have little or no experience around horses.  Will this hinder my experience?

No experience with horses is required.  If you choose to participate in the equine-assisted programs at any given time, we feel this will enhance your progress and provide new concepts and outcomes for your experience and healing journey.

I have a fear of horses.  Will this hinder my experience?

It is your choice if you would like to participate in the equine-assisted therapy.  Please note that there will always be equine specialists to assist you.  Your safety is our priority.

Can I bring my pet with me?  

We ask that you arrange for care for your pets in advance of your arrival. Please call regarding service animals.

Outside of therapy sessions, what is there to do at The Stable Grounds?

There are plenty of options for you to choose from, depending on how you are feeling.  We have outdoor sitting areas, hiking trails, yoga, a heated wood working shop, fitness, two relaxing lounges, a sunroom, and seasonal outdoor activities (gardening, skating, biking, etc.).  If you just want to find a quiet spot to read or listen to music, we have areas for that as well.

Can my friends or family visit me while I am a guest at The Stable Grounds?

Yes, there will be time designated to family visits every Saturday.

What does a typical day look like at The Stable Grounds? 

A typical day involves a variety of scheduled activities such as : various counselling sessions, yoga, meal preparation, journal writing, mindfulness and more.  Elected activities include : seasonal activities,  brushing horses, hikes, and movie nights.  Saturdays are a day for family visits from 11 AM -4 PM, which includes sessions with our on site therapist/counselor, delivering the Family Program.  Sunday is a day of rest, light programming and excursions if you so desire : golf, driving range, beach activities, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc. 

What are my responsibilities while staying at The Stable Grounds?

Guests will be encouraged daily to participate in meal preparation on a rotating schedule, maintain a clean bedroom and excellent hygiene.  Rotating housekeeping duties will be assigned, which allows all guests to participate in the functioning of the residence.  Guests are required to participate in all scheduled programs.

What kind of follow up do you offer after I leave the program?

We understand the importance of helping you maintain the personal gains that you have made during your stay with us.  We will discuss with you the various options available for follow up care before you leave.

What lengths are the programs?

We offer 30, 60 or 89 day residential programs. NEW!  We also offer day programs that are 8-12 weeks in length.  Day programs run Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM.

Is a program covered by insurance?

We suggest you check with your insurance provider to determine the coverage your carrier provides.  

What happens after I submit my registration form?  How long does it take to get the process started and then what?

Your form will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator and Chief Clinical Director.  After that, you will be called for an informal discussion.  In collaboration with your psychologist/psychotherapist/doctor or social worker, we will then call you to let you know if we are able to offer you a space at The Stable Grounds.

What is your confidentiality policy?

Your privacy is our utmost priority.  Our staff and guests are required to sign a confidentiality agreement, along with adhering to the Privacy Act.

Are the accommodations shared?

Each guest has their own private bedroom.  Washrooms are shared by all guests.

Under what circumstances would a person be asked to leave the program before they have completed it?

Guests will be asked to leave if any of our Code of Conduct Rules are not followed (guests are required to sign this contract before beginning the program).  If our staff determine that a guest has become mentally or physically unable to participate appropriately in the program, they will terminate their stay at such time.

What is the smoking policy?

The inside of the residence and all barns and stables are a smoke-free zone.  However, we do have a designated smoking area for our guests to use if they wish.


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