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located on 55 acres southwest of London, ON

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About us

The founding team at The Stable Grounds Inc. recognized the overwhelming need for support within the ranks of Public Safety Officers as a result of personal circumstance.  A well-respected therapist, started noticing an increase in the number of Public Safety Officer patients coming to their practice.  Kevin, a Fire Captain with the Toronto Fire Department witnessed first-hand the effects of the job and quickly realized that resources for intense and focused care were very limited.  Rachel, a health-and-safety specialist with a family history of horses, saw an opportunity to bring various specialties together to fill the need for residential programs for Public Safety Officersand their families.   The concept was simple: provide the professional support and skills training necessary to get these vital Public Safety Officers healthy and back to the job they love.  As Kevin so aptly stated it, years ago when the concept was just a seed of an idea, "We need to do a better job at helping those who dedicate their lives to helping others".

“This kind of program is long overdue.  First Responders need the support and tools to get them back on the job.” 



It takes a village.  In our case, it takes a farm.

In 2013 Rachel and Kevin began the journey of finding the perfect location to open their facility.  After over a year of searching, the ideal spot found them, and they began the transformation and renovation of a 55-acre property that is now the home of The Stable Grounds Inc.:  a residential treatment facility dedicated to the care and support of Public Safety Officers who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Injury, Anxiety, Depression and often much more.

Rachel Webber
Kevin Webber

Founder, Program Director

Founder, Facility Supervisor & Fire Captain